Cricket Equipment That Makes Cricketing More Fun and Invigorating!

A cricket bat is an item of equipment specifically used by bowlers in the game of cricket, usually consisting of a steel rod with a flat-shaped iron club attached on top. While all players use this same equipment, only certain styles are used for the purpose. Batsmen use different styles of bats for different purposes. Cricket bats are categorized into three main types: conventional hardball, blades, and synthetic or modified.

– Traditional hardball: This type of cricket equipment is what most of us think of when we picture a typical player with a cricket kit bag. These cricket bags are the heaviest among other types. They feature heavy duty handles and straps which are often reinforced with Kevlar to provide extra strength. In fact, many of these cricket bags are so strong that they can withstand considerable force thanks to their metal frames. Although these cricket bag are extremely durable and long-lasting, they tend to be quite large and are not suitable for small hands.

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– Blades: Among the most popular cricket bags, these are among the lightest and most portable. However, they lack the durability and sturdiness of the traditional hardball style. Instead, these cricket bags feature rubber or latex handles, making them easier to carry. They are also commonly made with soft webbing straps, making it more comfortable for the cricketers to carry. Although these cricket bags are relatively lightweight, they are not designed for traveling; rather, they are used during practice sessions.

– Synthetic Cricket Bags: Among the most common types of cricket bags available today, these are the most lightweight. Cricket equipment companies have begun to produce these cricket kit bags with Kevlar and polyester materials in order to create a lightweight alternative to traditional cricket gear. These synthetic materials make the bag lighter yet as strong as its traditional counterparts, which makes it suitable for traveling as well. In addition, since synthetic cricket bags are usually washable, many people choose them over traditional gear.

– Duffle Bags: Another favorite cricket equipment among cricketers is the duffle bag. With a typical size of 18 inches by 13 inches, duffle bags make perfect cricket equipment for traveling because of their size and convenience. Available in a variety of colors, they are quite easy to maintain and are often used for carrying other items, such as shoes and snacks, while traveling. Cricket equipment companies have even began to create durable cricket bags that can withstand constant use. In fact, some duffle bags have been featured in famous magazines and books because of their remarkable durability.

Regardless of what type of cricket equipment a player might need, he should invest in one or two quality wheelie cricket bags. A wheelie bat is an essential part of any player’s kit, which enables him to successfully complete his cricketing duties. Because cricket bats are quite expensive, cricketers often opt to purchase cheap second-hand gear that they can use during matches, but maintain good condition. Whether purchased from a street stall or auction site or online, a cheap, quality wheelie bat will prove invaluable to any budding cricketer.